About WS Roofing

Since 1997, we have made it our mission to become one of the leading roofing
companies in Michigan. Since our beginnings, we have emphasized
quality roofing materials, expert workmanship, affordability, service, and customer

If your homes’ rooftop is damaged, worn out or you just want to update the look,
we can help! In truth, that’s what Will Sweet Roofing does best. Our roofing
business is built on attention to detail, craftsmanship, respect, on-time service, and
the art of customer satisfaction. As one of the top local Washington, Mo roofing
contractors, our benchmark for quality is unsurpassed.

We are very customer orientated and believe that the work we perform not only
reflects on our company but helps us set a higher standard for the roofing industry
as a whole.As we look forward to the future we strive to maintain the relationship
that we have with our present customers as well as building new ones with our
future customers.