Will a Swimming Pool Increase Property Value?

Having a backyard pool sounds like that piece of the American Dream puzzle. Your kids will love it, and you can always open your home for pool parties. It’s the perfect addition to your property—or is it really? Before you start digging, let’s study the market and find out if it will help you when you decide to sell your house.

Will a pool add value to the property?

The answer depends on many factors. Based on research, the buyers of houses with swimming pools are families with middle-aged parents and teenage children. It’s understandable because at that age, the parents are more financially stable, and they don’t have to worry about accidents. Unfortunately, you can’t say the same for families with young children. Pools are also said to increase the house market value if the houses in the same area also have their own pools, as people tend to keep up with the Joneses.

But besides the pool itself, there’s also other landscaping factors to be considered. Are there fences surrounding the pool? A proper deck for hanging out? These things also make up the total value of your pool area.

According to the National Association of Realtors, in-ground pools can increase a home value up to 8 percent, and 11 percent in the Southwest region. However, other real estate agents might argue that having a pool is considered additional maintenance costs for the homeowner, making it a hard sell.

Consider the location

It all comes down to location, especially if the property is in the upscale area. Let’s say the house is worth $300,000. The additional 8 percent will add $24,000 to your selling price. Add some landscaping projects like a barbecue area or waterfall will even add more value to it. If the house is near to a community pool that’s very accessible, think twice about installing a pool.

Consider the costs

Even though an in-ground pool is advertised to cost this much, always double the real price. Think about the landscaping you will need and the pool maintenance that will never stop. An above-ground pool may be a better option because it’s cheaper, easier to maintain, and you can remove it if it does lower your property value. Visit http://paradisepools-sc.com/ for ideas on how much pool maintenance costs.


When deciding on having a backyard pool or not, first think about your purpose for having one. Is it for resale investment? If yes, then you need to think about the location and the costs involved in constructing a pool. But if having a pool is for you and your family to enjoy, then a pool is definitely worth it as an investment to your family life. Since you’re the homeowner, you want to live in a house that you love and will keep you coming home.

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