Why People are Moving to Oregon

Oregon is a beautiful state and is becoming an increasingly popular place for people to move to. Many people move here due to corporate transfers and the livability of the state. You can have it all in Oregon from city to the remote quiet of the great outdoors. Below are some additional reasons why people are migrating to Oregon.

Oregon offers great job opportunities and a higher standard of living. Not only that, but Oregon is also a geographically diverse state. It’s blessed with beautiful nature spots like the Pacific Ocean, gorgeous beaches, thick forests, and snow-capped mountains. Imagine living in close proximity to the Oregon coast, Mt. Hood, and St. Helens, and having acres and acres of forest ground for hiking, camping, and fishing. Beyond nature, its bustling city is enriched with the mixed flavor of various cultures that contribute favorably to their art and entertainment scene.

Portland is the heart of Oregon and it is popular for its religious and cultural openness. Being able to connect with people and build relationships make the friendly capital a real community. Generosity is a trademark of the city; in fact, Portland hosts more nonprofit organizations per capita than any other city in the U.S. Are you fond of going to bars? It might be an interesting fact to you that Portland is the craft-brewing capital of the U.S. and supports an extensive, thriving pub culture. Put charity and beer together and you have the Oregon Public House, the world’s first nonprofit pub that donates 100% of its net profits to other nonprofit organizations.

When it comes to employment opportunities, Oregon’s job market and the economy did take a hit during the recession. The Beaver State’s primary source of income is from its manufacturing industry and the low demand for home-building products such as timber affected Oregon’s economy. But with the real estate market steadying, and the employment conditions starting to recover, the state’s 2 million workers can expect an improving job selection. As Oregon’s economy moves away from the timber, fishing, and agricultural industries, it has started to develop advanced manufacturing, clean technology, forest and wood products, high technology, and outdoor gear and apparel.

So if you’re still thinking about moving to Oregon, well, why not?

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