The Best Ways to Get Rid of Thick Ice on Your Driveway

review_id_433_image3_ATT00002De-icing your driveway is no easy task. We’re right in the heart of winter right now, and much of the northeast and midwest have been seeing heavy snow storms. Much of Illinois, Indiana and Michigan are about to get hit with a snow storm within the next couple days. Unfortunatley for many of us in these regions, that means unruly snow mixtures accumulating on our driveways and sidewalks.

A lot of us have to go to work in these conditions, and it can be pretty difficult if there’s ice on the driveway. Looking for ways to remove ice and snow mixtures on your driveway? Here are some pretty common and unconventional methods to try:


The go-to for ice removal: salt. Cities rely on salt trucks to remove snow and ice from roads, so why not try it on your own property? It will of course work on your driveway if it works on the roads.

It’s important to understand how salt interacts with ice, however. Salt works to melt ice as it lowers the temperature below freezing point. To make sure you are laying salt down correctly, make sure you are combining it with liquid water to get the process started.

Rubbing Alcohol

You can try to use rubbing alcohol, though it’s not entirely recommended as it is alcohol and could potentially pose hazardous risks. Rubbing alcohol has been proven in tests to melt ice, but it might be best to use if you need to de-ice a car window or windshield.

Snow Melting Cables

Not many homeowners own these types of wires, but they can definitely come in handy for sidewalks or small pathways, driveways and even your roof. These are cable kits that can melt ice and snow mixtures, saving you the trouble of shoveling, snow blowing, or salting.

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