Tips for Selling a Home in Florida

Even though Florida’s housing market has slowed in recent years, there are always sun-seekers looking to move down to Florida. Whether you are looking to move to a different state or upgrade your home, you should know the tricks of the Florida housing market trade. It’s time to clean up the clutter and get around to those renovations you’ve always dreamed of; it’s time to sell your Florida home.

Get an appraisal

For most home sellers, a residential appraisal is typically done by the buyer so they know they are getting the right price. However, you should get a residential appraisal to know where to price your home, to begin with. Sometimes, an appraiser can even find something in your home you could renovate or fix before you the selling process.

Don’t overprice

Sometimes it’s hard to let go of your home, but the point of selling your home is to sell it. After your residential appraisal comes back, price your home at what you think your home is worth based on the appraisal. If home buyers are searching online for a specific price, they won’t see your home even if the type of home they are looking for is comparable to yours. Do you have a pool? A nice sunroom? Those features will make homes price higher. A good tip is to search online for comparable homes or look carefully at comparables your residential appraiser presents.

Clean up

Dirty homes will turn buyers away. Make sure your home is spotless before an open house. Clean out your pool and deck to show buyers that its a great feature for any Florida home. Make sure your landscaping is in nice shape and consider planting some Florida native plants to show out of town buyers what grows best in your area.

Make needed renovations happen

Don’t try to sell your home as is. Fix and tune up appliances, flooring, and the exterior of your home. The paint job on the exterior and interior of your home shouldn’t look dull next to the Florida sunshine. If your home has new features and fixes, your buyer will feel more inclined to make an offer.

Let the sunshine in

Let the Florida sunshine speak for itself. Before an open house, open the curtains so natural light flows in. This will also give the buyer a good idea of how much sunlight is in each room.

Selling your home can be a big job. Know the time commitment beforehand and take these tips into consideration before your first open house. If you’re looking to get a residential appraisal for your Florida home, Midwest Appraisal Management provides custom real estate appraisal services for the best possible appraisal.

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