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The Best Ways to Get Rid of Thick Ice on Your Driveway

review_id_433_image3_ATT00002De-icing your driveway is no easy task. We’re right in the heart of winter right now, and much of the northeast and midwest have been seeing heavy snow storms. Much of Illinois, Indiana and Michigan are about to get hit with a snow storm within the next couple days. Unfortunatley for many of us in these regions, that means unruly snow mixtures accumulating on our driveways and sidewalks. Continue reading “The Best Ways to Get Rid of Thick Ice on Your Driveway” »

Staying Warm at Home this Winter with a Rinnai Wall Furnace

It’s important to stay warm in the winter. Some homes lend themselves to specific types of heating appliances, for example, installing a wood stove in a cabin is an ideal method for keeping warm for obvious reasons as cabins are often surrounded by trees. Some stoves can heat small areas, while others can heat an entire home. Some homes, however, can do well with products like wall furnaces.

There are a variety of manufacturers when it comes to heating products. Rinnai, for example, is a top manufacturer of products in this category, including tankless water heaters and direct vent wall furnaces. They also specialize in gas heating for homes, such as condensing boilers and vent-free fan convectors, all reliable options for staying warm this winter. Tankless water heaters are among Rinnai’s most popular items, as well as furnaces. These water heaters heat water fast, which is another desirable benefit in the winter. Continue reading “Staying Warm at Home this Winter with a Rinnai Wall Furnace” »

The Best Way to Remove Snow Off Your Roof This Winter

schnedach-273033_640Every winter, snow in the midwest, eastern, and northern states are piled with snow. Shoveling the driveweay is a must to get to and from work, but what about our roofs? Is it really that important to clean them off? How much snow is too much? What are the problems, if any, that snow can cause sitting on our roofs?

It all comes down to if you think your roof can handle the extra weight of a heavy snowfall. When in doubt, clean it off. There are some do’s and dont’s of cleaning off snow from your roof. Continue reading “The Best Way to Remove Snow Off Your Roof This Winter” »