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What is a Sump Pump?

Sump PumpRain has been pouring down in sheets all day. You’re inside and tucked under a warm, snuggly blanket, safe from the storm. This weather doesn’t bother you at all! You don’t live in an area prone to flooding, but you’ve heard from your neighbors that water can seep through tiny crevices in poured cement walls. Aren’t you afraid that your basement will flood from all of this rainwater runoff? NO – because you have a sump pump!

Sump pumps are small pumps installed in basements and crawl spaces. Their job is to keep your basement dry by pumping out excess water that accumulates through various means. They are usually installed in a pit area, and the water is directed towards the pump by a drain or through natural water drainage patterns in the soil.

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How Pond Dyes Can Help (Not Harm!) Your Pond

backyard pondMany nature-loving pond owners may balk at the idea of adding a dye to their pond just for aesthetic purposes, but there are actually many benefits to using such a product. Here’s a quick guide to how using a pond dye can improve the quality of your pond and why, if used correctly, it won’t harm any animal or human life in the process.

The Benefits of Pond Dyes

One major benefit of using a pond dye is control of algae growth. Pond dyes filter sunlight so that algae is unable to undergo photosynthesis, which drastically reduces the level of weed and algae growth in your pond. Pond dyes can also potentially be used to protect fish in your pond. A darker pond can, to some degree, shield fish from the watchful eyes of predators that attack from above or beside the pool. And although aesthetics are not the only benefit, pond dyes do help artificial ponds mimic the beautiful blues and reflections found in natural ponds. Dark dyes also help ponds to appear deeper through a beautiful optical illusion.

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Choosing a Pontoon Boat

pontoon boatDeciding on a boat can be a tricky business, and a stressful one as well. Many boats come onto the market each year with new and improved features, and many of them cost twice as much as the car you drive. Hopefully you are intending  on keeping your new boat for as long as you can – possibly for the remainder of your life. Understanding the different types of pontoon boats that you have to choose from on the market can help ease the pressure, so we’ve outlined the typical pontoon boats you’ll find and how they may suit your specific boating needs.
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