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Things to Consider When Buying a Bed and Breakfast Inn

There are many attractive aspects of running a bed and breakfast. The chance to meet travelers from all over the world, have the freedom of running your own business, and making a difference in the life of others are all things that draw people to B&B ownership. While you may dream of opening your own inn someday, not everything about the profession is as glamorous as it seems. Like any small business, bed and breakfasts have a great chance of failure if not managed correctly from the start. When deciding to purchase and open a bed and breakfast, there are many important things to carefully consider.

Can you Afford It?

Opening a bed and breakfast isn’t something you can do on a whim. It requires a significant start-up investment, and it’s important to have a good idea of what your cash flows might look like once you begin operations. Analyze data for your region to see how much tourism there is each year, and take a look at the competition in the area. Is the market already saturated? If the hotels and inns surrounding you never seem to light their “no vacancy” signs, chances are you won’t either. 

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Don’t Get Duped When Buying a Home

When purchasing a home for the first time, it can be too easy to let emotions get in the way of your better judgment. Once you’ve fallen in love with a house, it can be hard to think practically and objectively about the purchase process. Unfortunately, real estate transactions involve multiple parties with competing interests, and when you lose your head you can lose a lot of money too. If you go into the process with a level-headed knowledge of what needs to be done, you won’t get duped in the real estate jungle.

  1. Go for a mortgage pre-approval rather than merely a pre-qualification to signal that you are financially ready to purchase. This gives you much more purchase power when it comes to negotiations and it gives you a much better idea of your own financial ability and limitations.
  2. Look beyond the decor of a home to its core structure. A good real estate agent will have doused the home in a fresh coat of beige paint so that it is automatically pleasing to the eye, but it is far more important to make sure that the house is solidly built and in good shape.
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Should You Buy A Historic Home?

historic homesHistoric homes offer an element of grandeur and sophistication that many new home may seem to lack. But it’s important to consider many aspects before purchasing an old home. Though beautiful, older houses require maintenance and work to keep their elegant look.

First, it’s important to do your research on the home. Although many aren’t aware, not all old homes are created equally. Be sure to check whether the home has a historical designation. If not, getting one can be a tricky process, varying from state to state. Also make sure you know what tax credits and incentives are in place in your state for owners of historic homes. This could end up being a factor in your final purchase decision.

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5 Common Problems With Above Ground Pools

Above Ground PoolMaking the decision to put in a pool is fun and exciting. A pool can offer your family hours of enjoyment and fun. But above ground pools can come with some problems that you need to be careful to watch for.

The pool could be unlevel. You need to be very careful to make sure that your pool is going to sit level. This means taking extreme caution if you are installing the pool yourself or making sure that the company that you hire is qualified and knows what they are doing. Having an unlevel pool is not only an eyesore but places undue strain on the walls of the pool.

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Construction Industry Jobs

155604654_271132f38a_zThe last two years have been a tough time for people working in the construction industry. The outlook for new jobs in this sector is not looking too great, and the industry can’t afford to take another big hit anytime soon. Many on the Green side think that the energy efficient, sustainable or green movements will enhance the jobs in home construction. Although I am not entirely optimistic about this idea, it certainly is a possibility. Government projects will certainly help aid large scale construction projects, although the impact would not be as large in the residential housing industry. Many home builders have gone back to building the lowest price home possible.

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Portable Storage Units

moving boxIf you are planning a move, or want to transport some large objects to your new home without renting or driving a truck, you might want to consider becoming a POD-person. We’re referring to the increasingly ubiquitous portable storage units being used all over the country. If you haven’t used one yet, or haven’t seen them in your neighborhood, it’s likely you might see one soon.

Last year, as part of a move from, I contacted a local company that offers portable storage units for rent. At first, I rented two 5x7x8 weatherproof boxes, so that I could remove personal items and some furniture from the house, to prepare it for sale. After the sale of the property, I rented 4 more units, in order to pack the rest of my household goods and prepare them for shipment north. These storage units were a great help in moving. In previous moves, all of the packing and transporting of stuff needed to take place in a very short period of time, usually one or two days, driven by the high cost of long-term truck rental. And apart form the time factor, better yet, I didn’t need to drive the loaded truck when it came time to transport the storage units north, instead, the storage company trucked them to their final destination for me.

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Green Building Services for a Green World

Recycle BuildingAs the reality of Global Climate Change has been increasingly accepted around the world, it’s presumed effects have prompted examinations of how we live out lives. One of the principal changes that have been quick to take hold to cope with the new realities is the emergence of Green Building. This is the application of the adage ‘reduce, re-use, recycle’.

Traditional construction processes generate enormous waste streams, and now many green building services are emerging as a result of a gap in the market. If we move toward employing more environmentally sensitive design and construction techniques and materials, it would have a huge impact on a wide range of areas. Reducing the construction-related solid waste streams that are now routinely buried in landfills and using renewable resource-derived building materials and energy efficient appliances and lighting would result in lowering the carbon footprint of our homes and vacation retreats.

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Differences Between Carhartt Jackets

Carhartt workwear are known for their functionality and aesthetic value. The signature Carhartt jackets have a worldwide market and sought after not only by the working class but also by many sports enthusiasts. Differences between them can be difficult to spot unless you are a signature collector. All sandstone jackets are12-ounce and 100% cotton. They have body lining and quilted-nylon sleeves to provide warmth and comfort. For mobility, they have pleated elbows with rib-knit design at cuffs and waist. The main seams have triple needle stitches for strength and durability. They are color-resistant, water-proof and quick-dry. These jackets are built to outlast and persevere at any given condition.

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