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DIY: Tile Backsplash

recycled backsplashWhy pay lots of money to have someone work on your home if you can do it yourself? If you’re like a lot of homeowners in the digital age who have Internet access and want to save some cash, you might head to YouTube or another DIY site when it’s time for a new home project. One great way to add a unique touch to a kitchen or bathroom is to add a tile backsplash.

What’s so great about a backsplash? Well, as the name suggests, they’re great to have in areas where water, food, or other substances are likely to splash on the wall. Rather than scrubbing something off of a painted surface, you just have to wipe down tile instead. They also double as great decorations, as you can make them match the wall or choose to get pretty creative with the colors. And, as cool as they look, surprisingly they’re not to difficult to install if you have the right tools and guide.

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Upgrade Your Bathroom by Adding a Steam Shower

steam showerApart from drinking, and its daily uses, water is also used for our relaxation. After a stressful day or before the day even begins, the foremost thing that you probably desire is a hot bath or shower. Showers allow for complete relaxation of the body as well as mind. In addition to stress relief, there are many other benefits of steam showers.

With the growth of technology, steam showers have become common among lots of people. While steam showers have been common in different luxurious hotels and resorts, these days, you can find them inside residential homes. Through steam showers, homeowners can experience spa treatment without having to set foot outside their front door. Steam showers enhance energy levels and soothe the senses.

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