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Are LED Downlights Affordable For A Home?

old light bulbSolid state LED lighting has become the standard. Energy savings over conventional lighting can reach as much as 25% on brightly lit structures. LED streetlights are appearing in cities all over the globe, and the US Department of Energy claims it will represent over 45% of public lighting in the next two decades.

But the same advantages of commercial LED downlights are available to homeowners as well. Energy consumption can’t be so easily monitored, and most people don’t figure in lighting costs as part of the home expenditures. But people are becoming more aware that LED bulbs can create substantial savings over time. LED bulbs and lighting fixtures are taking up more space in retail stores than they did just a few years ago, and even tech review sites have jumped on the LED bandwagon. Continue reading “Are LED Downlights Affordable For A Home?” »