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Bringing History into the Home

historical decor

As a history buff, I find it astounding to see the intellectual leaps we have made throughout our past. Each year, each decade, and each century brings with it a flurry of progress. So quickly, what was once novel becomes outdated. Fads come and go as though they never even happened. Sometimes though, we yearn for a piece of history, a reminder of what has passed. Vintage and antique items become popular and valuable. If you’re lucky enough to own a period home, you can probably feel the connection to history your home gives you. If not, you too can have a piece of history in your décor and enjoy the sweet nostalgia of times long ago. Here are my tips for giving your home a historical feel.

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Electric vs. Gas Lanterns: Which is Best for You?

Gas or Electric LanternsDuring ancient times, providing light in the darkness was a significant problem. After the invention of candles, lanterns soon became popular. The Greek poet Theopompus in ancient Greece first spoke of them. Now, thousands of years later, we have light in plentiful supply during the night hours, thanks to our technological innovations. Yet, there’s something intriguing, romantic and beautiful about the glow of a lantern or candle that humans are still drawn to. Today, lanterns can either be fueled by gas or powered by electricity. There are advantages and drawbacks to both. Let’s compare the two to see which one best suites your budget and your needs.

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