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Get a Good Office Chair and Save Your Back

It’s safe to say most office workers probably spend the majority of their day sitting down. So, 40 hours per week sitting at work plus whatever time spent sitting at home is an awful lot of sitting. We’re sure you’ve heard that prolonged sitting is not the best on your back, and we know that unfortunately there are not always a lot workers can do about it.

Some people choose to combat sitting all day by purchasing a standing desk. You certainly burn more calories standing up, and standing can help some people stay awake and energized the entire day. You don’t have to stand at the desk all day (you can purchase a tall chair), but standing for even just a few hours certainly can be beneficial. In fact, this article is a great account of a person’s experience after using a standing desk for one year. Lifehacker published an article last month about the Five Best Office Chairs, and it’s a great resource. Sure, the chairs tend to be a bit pricey (some more than $1,000), but think back to how many hours per day, per week, and per year you spend sitting at work. When you compare the cost to the hours per year sitting, perhaps it doesn’t seem so expensive. In addition, maybe your employer might cover some of the costs.

office chair

Nicer chairs often can be found at stores, such as Corporate Office Interiors, which carry discount office furniture. Michigan is where Steelcase’s headquarters is located, and they have a lot of popular furniture as well in various locations worldwide. IKEA also has affordable designs with locations everywhere.

Regardless of the type of desk or chair you use, it is important to get up every so often and walk around, even if it is just to get a drink of water or use the restroom. Instead of sitting in the office during your entire lunch break, take a short walk around the building, block, or anywhere you can.

5 Decor Pieces to Get Guests Talking

Home Decor AccessoriesHome decor is a form of self-expression, just like clothes you wear and the words you speak. The way your home is decorated says a lot about you, more than just what colors you like. You want to choose pieces that make you smile to look at and that communicate your aura to guests as soon as they step into the house. Before you take your next trip to Pier 1 Imports, give some thought about what you want your home to say. Then, choose items that speak to you, and soon your guests will be doling out compliments like crazy.

Vacation Momentos

Have you taken a special vacation lately? Chances are, you’ve got tons of gorgeous vacation photos that are holed up in a memory card and a Facebook album. Let your memories take center stage by turning them into a work of art. At this website, you can turn your photos into multiple canvas prints that showcase your photography skills. Everyone will want to know the story behind your new work of art, and you can share tales of your traveling adventures with all of your loved ones.

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Old Couch From An Old Cottage

The couch below used to be my grandmother’s at her old northern cottage covered in half log siding from Town & Country. It was around when my dad was little so it’s over 50 years old. It’s a real couch with real lumber and real stuffing. The kind my Grandma had encased in plastic for as long as I can remember, in fact, you could never sit on the couch and wear shorts with out ripping off half a thigh off when you stood up and heaven help you if you fell asleep with YOUR FACE on it.

English: my couch

5 years ago when we had to move her into a nursing home, it went into storage. I think time finally caught up it (it was stored in some one’s home in a decent environment). We picked it up to move into the “computer lounging space”. I had it all planned out. It was a really cool couch in great shape and my taste. Great fabric, a one of a kind piece. FREE. I got it home and was ready to go. The space would be perfect.


The fates of home decorating obviously had other plans. When I tried to clean it, not only did the upholstery start to tear horribly, but, well…

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