Steel Buildings

Steel-Building-ManufacturersIf you have purchased a steel building recently, you should contact your steel building manufacturer or supplier to ensure that you understand all aspects relevant to the delivery of your structure. The delivery process is not as simple as you think! Your building will be delivered to your job site once the design and fabrication has been completed at the factory. Delivery is normally handled by a third-party carrier although some steel building companies will deliver using their own trucks. The building order documentation determines the delivery arrangements for your structure. Any special accommodations needed for shipping should be determined before purchase of the building, as this may affect the overall price. If you make any changes to shipping arrangements close to the scheduled shipment, it may be expensive for you.

The factory that ships the building will be responsible for all shipping arrangements. A common carrier is going to be the most likely mode of transportation. They will be responsible for the receipt of your steel building at the factory and the subsequent transport and delivery of your structure in good and complete order to your job site. Unless you have given written authorization to a subcontractor at your work site, it is your responsibility to receive all of the materials.

The steel building supplier is normally responsible for all of the shipping arrangements to the address specified on the actual shipping order. You should confirm the correct shipping address with the manufacturer/factory a few weeks prior to shipment. It is your responsibility to ensure that the proper delivery address is stipulated.

You must specify a particular date for shipping upon finalizing the purchase contract with the steel manufacturer or supplier, such as Capital Steel and Wire. The design, rigging, fabrication, and shipping of a steel building can take many weeks, or months if it is in prime construction season. You should give ample time allowance for these processes and possible unforeseen delays when considering the date the building will be actually received.

A number of purchasers choose to have their steel building delivered to their job site weeks, or even months before the planned erection of their structure. In this instance, you must ensure that there are ample covering materials available to protect all goods from the elements and pilferage. The hot rolled steel (found here) used to deliver Most modern steel buildings are delivered with primer and protective coatings applied. These protective coatings are not adequate in themselves, however, to remain uncovered even if the building materials will be sitting at the job site for only a few weeks.

It is your responsibility to ensure that arrangements have been made to assemble the building long before the building is shipped. If it is prime building season, you may find that most contractors or erectors are already spoken for ahead of time. Secure a qualified steel building erector as early as possible so that as soon as your building arrives it can then be assembled.

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