Staying Warm at Home this Winter with a Rinnai Wall Furnace

It’s important to stay warm in the winter. Some homes lend themselves to specific types of heating appliances, for example, installing a wood stove in a cabin is an ideal method for keeping warm for obvious reasons as cabins are often surrounded by trees. Some stoves can heat small areas, while others can heat an entire home. Some homes, however, can do well with products like wall furnaces.

There are a variety of manufacturers when it comes to heating products. Rinnai, for example, is a top manufacturer of products in this category, including tankless water heaters and direct vent wall furnaces. They also specialize in gas heating for homes, such as condensing boilers and vent-free fan convectors, all reliable options for staying warm this winter. Tankless water heaters are among Rinnai’s most popular items, as well as furnaces. These water heaters heat water fast, which is another desirable benefit in the winter.

Rinnai Wall Furnace

Energy Efficient, Direct Vent Wall Furnaces from Rinnai

Some benefits of a wall furnace are:

Easy Control Panel: Rinnai wall furnaces come equipped with user-friendly control panels to easily manage the temperature in the home. Users can adjust temperatures as desired and timers are also available if users wish to adjust the temperature at certain times of the day. The control panel also has a lock, which keeps children and unwanted users from accessing the controls.

Constant Warmth: With some heating options, consistent warmth can be difficult to achieve. With a direct vent wall furnace, no ductwork is necessary to spread heat throughout the house. Direct vent wall furnaces provide heat to any cold spaces in the home, or can heat an entire home with constant warmth output.

Simple Installation: Installing a wall furnace is simple because all that the unit requires is a vent terminal that leads outside to the wall it’s connected on. The unit can be placed on almost any outside wall, and vent terminals can be in a variety of sizes, too.

Energy Efficiency: Rinnai wall furnaces are also energy efficient, given that they can automatically adjust the room’s temperature. This feature alone helps save money when you see your energy bill. The Rinnai EnergySaver® Direct Vent Wall Furnace, for example, is one of the products they carry with great energy savings. The wall furnaces also use exactly the amount of gas needed to heat the home.

Auto Restart: In the event of a power or gas outage, the wall furnace turns back on immediately once the outage is resolved.

Whatever option you choose to stay warm with this winter, sometimes it takes a little more power than a fireplace. A wall furnace is both efficient and convenient when it comes to paying your utility bills, installing the products, and most importantly: staying warm.

This is a guest post from Rural Energy, a leading distributor of heating systems throughout the northwest region. Rural Energy carries Rinnai tankless water heaters and wall furnaces, including the  Rinnai EX22C (RHFE-559FTA), an energy efficient wall furnace product.

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