Southern Home Decorating Ideas

When you walk into a southern home, you’ll see a style that has developed over time. Antiques and family heirlooms stand comfortably next to modern and quirky additions. There’s an eclectic vibe, not a haphazard feel, but a natural evolution of decor. Perfection is not the goal of a southern home. The goal is welcoming hospitality with a touch of graceful sophistication. This doesn’t happen by accident. Although there’s an ease about southern style, a lot of work goes into having an elegant, approachable home. Here are simple ways to add southern charm to your decor.

Rocking Chairs
Rocking chairs make us think of the “classic white porch.” You should feel like you can sit down, relax and gossip about the neighbors. Anytime the weather is warm, it’s porch-sitting season in the south. A rocking chair has to be comfy. The whole point of one is to relax. Rocking chairs are great indoors too. Place one in the family room, next to a small table that’s ready to hold a glass of sweet tea.

Rescued Pieces
Rescued and refinished or repurposed pieces give a home a genuine southern look. It’s marrying the old with the new, like buying a new bed and covering it with the quilt your granny made. In decades past, you didn’t throw stuff away, you fixed it or found a new use for it. Clocks, lamps, knickknacks, crates and furniture can be cleaned up, touched up and used throughout your house.

Welcoming Kitchen
Kitchens are the heart of a home, and southern kitchens are a place to get down to the business of eating and gabbing. You can add some down-home country to your kitchen with the following: a butcher block cutting board, mason jars displaying fresh flowers, a pot rack over the kitchen island, a sink big enough to bathe a toddler in, old recipe books, an antique cookie jar, a vintage hutch filled with unmatched dishes and cloth napkins and a “Bless Your Heart” sign on the window sill.

Southern style mixes the old with the new to create spaces of comfort and hospitality, with a bit of whimsy. Southern decor invites easy conversation and a feeling of belonging. You can give your home the comfort and charm of southern living.

About the author: Ali is a guest contributor from Drew Sineath & Associates Inc., local experts in real estate in the South Carolina Low Country.

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