The Best Way to Remove Snow Off Your Roof This Winter

schnedach-273033_640Every winter, snow in the midwest, eastern, and northern states are piled with snow. Shoveling the driveweay is a must to get to and from work, but what about our roofs? Is it really that important to clean them off? How much snow is too much? What are the problems, if any, that snow can cause sitting on our roofs?

It all comes down to if you think your roof can handle the extra weight of a heavy snowfall. When in doubt, clean it off. There are some do’s and dont’s of cleaning off snow from your roof.

  1. Don’t use a ladder and shovel. The last thing you need is the danger of climbing up to a slippery roof with a heavy shovel.
  2. Do call a professional if you think you need one.
  3. Don’t hope that the snow will simply melt.
  4. Do use a “snowlance,” a device that help you clean snow off your roof from the ground.

The Best Way to Remove Snow From Your Roof

So what is the best way? One of the better, more safer ways is using the “snowlance.” A snowlance is a simple snow removal tool with a long extension pole that acts as a rack that allows users to pull the snow off the roof in clean strokes. It is both safe, and easy to use. In simple motions, it simply allows users to remove snow without hassel.

Why You Shouldn’t Leave Heavy Snow on Your Roof

Some roofs, especially on older homes, cannot take the weight of snow. In some instances, roofs have been known to cave in, while others simply become weaker–causing more issues down the road. Leaving piles of snow on your roof can also cause potential leaking and cold temperatures to climb within the home. Some homeowners believe that a thick layer of snow on a roof can create a form of insulation, however, heavy snow leads to damages and actually colder temperatures.

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