Real Estate Tip – Tuscan Design Is Hot

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As you look for home decorating ideas? Are you looking for a way to spruce up your home as a summer project? Many other people in the Corvallis Oregon area have started to do just that, and one style you should strongly consider, if it is all in your line of taste, is Tuscan decor.

What is Tuscan decor?  Tuscan decor originates from the Italian region of Tuscany.  Tuscany is a region of North Coastal Italy that is known for its incredible landscapes and is the place considered by many to be the birthplace of the Italian Renaissance.

For these reasons, Tuscany has been extremely influential on world culture and this influence has extended also to the home decorating ideas that you can get from observing and following Tuscan decor.

The Tuscan style of home decorating is not one that is flashy or bold.  It is a very old and traditional style, seen in many of the masterpiece paintings of the Italian Renaissance, and yet it is still a contemporary style of decorating because it is timeless.

Tuscan decor relies on varying textures, and quite often on several variations on earth tone colors.  Just think of the combination of Old World Italian hospitality with its emphasis on fresh food and a connection with nature and you will start to home in on your sense of Tuscan decor.

The Tuscan style of varying textures is often achieved by using textured walls effect, which can be accomplished by actually using plaster or can be simulated by using faux finishes or even textured wallpaper. The natural texture effect can be extended on to the floor with wood floors with a satin (non-shiny) finish or earth tone ceramic tiles.

As already mentioned, the Tuscan color palette is most often earth tones, such as yellows, greens, terra cotta, browns and reds, all in their varying shades. This can be especially attractive when combining colors in the faux finishing method.

If you’re like many of the people in our area trying to get their Lebanon Oregon real estate properties sold in this tough market, strongly consider Tuscan design. It pairs well with many home decorating ideas that you really can live with for a long time to come, and it’s strongly appealing with many other individual’s tastes.  Consider the beauty and timelessness of Tuscan decor when going about your next big interior design project!

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