Price Tags of Professional House-Cleaning Services

Keeping a full-time job and having to maintain a clean house is a difficult combination for busy homeowners. A more problematic scenario is having kids or pets tracking mud on the living room carpet right after it’s been vacuumed. In this hectic world we live in, it seems that housekeeping becomes even more unfavorable as we try to balance work and family life, as well as personal relaxation. This is why many have chosen to hire professional house-cleaners like ServiceMaster of Charleston to do the dirty work for them. How much do these services cost and how do we make sure that we get what we pay for?house cleaning services

Factors to consider

Every house, apartment, or office is different so there are different factors to consider for the pricing. Keep these questions in mind as your guide:

  • How big is the place that you want cleaned?
  • How often do you want it cleaned? Just once or regularly?
  • How many people occupy the place?
  • How many rooms are there? Bedrooms? Bathrooms?
  • Are there pets in the house?
  • Are you hiring an individual or a cleaning company?

Cost of house-cleaning

Professional house cleaners usually use a standard formula when giving you a price quote, but some smaller companies may not have a formal system of computation. To find the cost, they may charge you either by hour or by square foot. The typical per hour rate is around $75 for two hours, which is often the minimum number of hours, depending on the company.

The first clean-up usually costs more than the next visits because a more intensive cleaning may be needed. On the first visit, you may only get a price estimate instead of the exact price, because the cleaning company will want to see how much cleaning is needed for the place.

Getting frequent cleaning services will mean a lower and flat rate for each visit, and is more inexpensive than one-time cleaning and first-time visits. The cleaning rates will also depend on how you want the cleaning to be done because some homeowners are more fickle about sanitation than others.

House-cleaning services

Just like how you would clean your own place, professional house cleaners will also take care of many details in your home to ensure its cleanliness and livability. Services typically include:

  • Vacuuming
  • Mopping non-carpeted floors
  • Wiping the kitchen counter, sinks, stove, and living room fixtures
  • Scrubbing the bathroom

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