New Price Quote App A Big Help for Small Businesses

jobflex appTime is a precious commodity for any businessperson. Fumbling around with complicated programs on your heavy laptop can leave a customer doubting the professionalism of a company and its capacity to fulfill the terms of a contract. Android offers free constructions apps for phones and tablets to assist with formulating project quotes, and sales documents. The JobFLEX app offers businesses several features that produce a proficient air to capture the client’s attention.

JobFLEX offers contractors the ultimate user-friendly tool for providing estimates and proposals for projects of any size free. JobFLEX provides contractors an app to create, edit and send customer proposals and estimates straight from their Android devices. The full project package can be composed to include the details of the plan and estimated quotes from their Android devices.

Features of the JobFLEX app allow contractors efficiently create professional quotes

  • Expert estimates and quotes incorporate logos, photos, and other marketing details for a quote
  • Line item details are easily incorporated in app for quote are included
  • With the aid of the file manager all relevant files and documents can be attached
  • Drop-down menus reduce typing requirements on quotes for contractor
  • The customer can review professionally prepared estimate straight from contractor’s tablet
  • Signature approval from client can be obtained immediately with tablet
  • Capacity to email estimates and quotes directly to customers
  • A process is available to show the client the breakdown of monthly payment option
  • With Bluetooth printer, hard copies of quotes can be printed for the customer
  • The capacity to create quotes for up to 50 customers
  • Utilize the manageable sample templates or create a unique one for a particular client

JobFLEX takes the hassle out of the process of producing estimates and quotes for customers. As companies move to paperless office processes, JobFLEX is there to assist. Pertinent colleagues of the project team can access project files and documents from anywhere since JobFLEX is a web-based tool. Scheduling appointments for project leads, teams, and equipment becomes easier when people call up the schedules on the app. Syncing your schedules and deadlines to Google calendars is another feature of this app that lends to minimizing the stress of any project, large or small. This also helps the project team keep customers informed of the progress of the job.

At the end of the workday, the realization of the amount of time JobFLEX saves, adds up. What a written hard-copy entails:

  • Typing or writing up a professional looking hard copy of the quote for clients
  • Retrieving, and attaching relevant photos and files to document
  • Mailing the quote document to the client
  • Waiting for the customer’s acceptance of the quote (closing the sale)
  • Billing the client
  • Scheduling crews and equipment for the project

The JobFLEX app creates proposals, estimates, and quotes the same day right on the site with the customer at hand. It will impress clients with the efficiency of the process as the quote is composed right in front of their eyes. Being a web-based tool, access to the critical aspects of each project maintains the effectiveness of the project team’s ability to then generate repeat business and future job referrals.

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