How to Prepare Your Isle of Palms Vacation Rental for Summer Travelers

You have decided to rent your Isle of Palms vacation home for summer vacationers. The prospect of earning additional income is appealing and worth the preparation that it takes to rent out your vacation home. There are a few things to keep in mind as you arrange for the summer travelers.

Make your home pleasant and homelike
Remove clutter, evaluate your furniture pieces, and lighting. Make sure that there is enough, and comfortable seating, in the kitchen, dining areas, and central living space. Remove any objects that do not add value to someone else’s stay in your home. Remember, there is a balance to creating a space that is your home, but comfortable for someone else to share for days or weeks at a time.

Remove personal items
It’s safest to remove anything truly valuable or personal while renters stay in your home. While most renters are careful and trustworthy, accidents do happen, and it’s best to make sure anything in your home is replaceable. You also want to remove anything that has your personal information. Renters do not need a sneak peek in your personal life while staying at your home.

Provide the basics
Guests will expect your home to be equipped with necessary amenities such as dishware, cookware, linens, and working electronics. Make sure that your home has enough plates, bowls, silverware, pots, pans, kitchen towels, bath towels, and bed sheets to accommodate the number of guests allowed. The general rule for the kitchen and bathroom essentials is to provide double the amount that the home sleeps. Guests will expect and appreciate high-quality towels and linens. Check on the electronics in the house and verify that the TV, DVD player, coffee maker, and stereo are all in excellent working condition.

Retain reliable property management services
Renting your home is the first step in securing summer renters but retaining a reputable Isle of Palms property management service to assist with maintenance and repairs is crucial. The service that you select ideally offers not only maintenance and repair services, but also cleaning and housekeeping, and possibly lawn care services. Some property management services also offer help with marketing to get the most out of your vacation home.

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