Perfect Wonderlic Score. Perfect House.

Perfect HouseI recently had the good fortune to meet football legend Pat McInally who played for the Cincinnati Bengals from 1975 through 1985.  (A little bit of side trivia, Pat is rumored to be the only NFL player in history to have made a perfect Wonderlic score on the official NFL-issued Wonderlic test.)  Anyway, when I met Mr. McInally, we weren’t talking about football or standardized testing or anything of the sort.  We were talking about houses.  Specifically, what features make up the perfect house?

For the purposes of our discussion, we’ll have to ignore a specific location.  Of course, the perfect house would have to be in a perfect location–mountain view, ocean-side, cliffs, gorgeous vistas, you name your preference.  So we’ll just neatly tuck location into the “of course” column.  Let’s talk about actual features of the home.

One thing Pat and I agreed upon was lots of windows–windows facing every which way.  Big windows and small windows and windows in the bathroom and picture windows and everything in between.  Where we disagreed was on the inclusion of a huge set of windows with a sliding door that led out to a back deck or patio.  I really like that concept of being able to open a slider and having your inside entertainment space mingle with the outside.  Pat held the opinion that outside entertainment space is good, but it should be kept a bit further from the house both for privacy and noise reasons.  Fair point, even if I don’t entirely agree.

The next point we agreed upon was ceiling height.  Both of us think that 9-foot ceilings throughout with at least one room having a vaulted ceiling is just about right.  Check that off the list.

Master Suite…  Now here’s where things got a little bit more divisive.  I like a full and borderline opulent master suite.  I like to be able to close myself off and have a little kingdom that’s all my own.  Want to walk around in my birthday suit from the shower to the closet to the bed?  Done.  Want to lounge around in my skivvies all day and watch Sports Center without interruption?  Check.  Bonus if the master suite has a private patio or deck or something that allows for a little personal outdoor time.  Wango Tango!

Pat, on the other hand, doesn’t feel the need to have a private space like that.  “Whoever is living in the house is part of the family,” he says.  “Why would I treat myself any differently than I’d treat a family member?”  OK…I guess that’s a valid point.

After that, it was a laundry list of things we liked and didn’t like.  I don’t think we ever came to a conclusion or agreement about what would be the perfect house but we had a lot of similar ideas.  All-in-all it was a productive conversation and a nice way to wile away a couple of hours dreaming about a home that I will likely never see.  …but I still want that master suite…

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