How to Get Your Home Ready for Warm Weather

Spring has sprung, which means millions of Americans have begun their annual round of spring cleaning tasks. While dusting, vacuuming, and getting rid of unwanted clutter often comes to mind, there are several other home maintenance tasks that are often forgotten. Here are our tips on how to get your home ready for warm weather.

Examine roof shingles

After a long winter, it is important to make sure your roof shingles haven’t been damaged or removed by heavy snowfall and wind. The heat of the continuously warming sun can further damage shingles that were weakened by the winter weather.

Clean the gutters

The beginning of spring means a heavy amount of rainfall is sure to follow, meaning that clean gutters are as important as ever. If gutters are clogged with leaves and debris, water from heavy rains won’t be able to drain properly and may lead to basement flooding. Use a ladder and gloves to examine your gutter and clear away any leaves and dirt. If you find that some debris is difficult to remove, use a hose to clear away the remaining waste.

Check and replace your filters

It’s not uncommon for homeowners to forget to replace their water, stove hood, and air vent filters. While this should be done every 3-6 months, the spring season is a perfect time to begin doing so if you have been neglecting the task.

Have your HVAC inspected

At least twice a year, your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system needs to be inspected and cleaned. You should have your air conditioning system checked and serviced in the springtime to make sure your summer season is nice and cool.

Clean out the dryer vent

Clogged dryer vents are fire hazards. It is relatively easy to ensure they stay clean by simply disconnecting the vent from the back of the dryer and removing the lint with a special brush. Be sure to also check your outside dryer vent by removing the cover.

Check foundation vents

If your home has a foundation, chances are it also has a crawl space. Vents are installed in the foundation to help move air throughout the space and prevent problems like mold. Screens are used to prevent leaves and dirt from entering the vent. Spring is a great time to clean out the vent and replace your screen if it is damaged.

This is a guest post contributed to by Ecotelligent Homes, an energy auditor serving the Metro Detroit area.

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