Five Home Organization and Storage Methods

It’s not easy to tackle clutter. After a while, however, it’s hard to live in a space where constant mess overwhelms you and something has to be done. It can be difficult in a very small space and even more difficult in a large home where clutter spreads. It’s even harder when you go to a friend’s and see their home neatly organized and put together. So how do they do it? Each homeowner has his or her own method of organizating their items because they choose what works best for them. Here are five unique methods for storing and organizing your senseless mess, and getting your life back in order.3985839229_071cafa948_o

1. Built-In Shelving Units
Shelves can be both your best friends and your worst enemies. Built-in shelves offer a huge area to organize your stuff, and typically by category. With baskets and proper lableing, built-in shelves make perfect spots for kid toys, books or crafts. But it’s how you organize it that matters. Keep items with like-items and use containers rather than throwing your belongings on the shelves.

Built-in shelves under staircases or at entries create ultimate storage usage. You want to make the most of the space you have.

2. Organized Cupboards
Label shelves or containers to identify the space for each of your products. Cupboards get messy and cluttered, especially if you’re over-stocking. Only purchase what you need and then have shelves specified for canned foods, condiments, breakfast foods, and anything else you need.

3. The Friendly Office Space
We all know the worst of it can be the office. Invest in a filing cabinent. But after that, calendars and corkboards will be your best friends. Or, turn that unused closet into your office space. This will spare up some room and create a little nook perfect for your office. After you’re done for the day, close the doors and the tidy office space will be a hidden gem.

4. Too Many Shoes? No problem.
Organizing shoes are a hassle. This is where those built-in shelves come in handy, or a simple over-the-door hanging set for your shoes. sells affordable shoe organizers, perfect for people in dorms or apartments.

5. The Crafty Artist
Crafts are a mess. The best way to keep this clutter from exploding with sparkles and colorful pipe cleaners is to designate a shelf or closet specifically for crafts. If you don’t have the room, downsizing may be your only option. Invest in soem plastic bins and baskets, perfect for storing crafts and miscellaneous items. Your best friend will be labeling here, as well.

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