Furnace Repair and Maintenance Tips

furnace-repairThere are many household maintenance jobs that most homeowners don’t normally think about until the time comes when it actually doesn’t work – specifically heating and cooling systems. Colder weather comes quick in the Northern United States and the day will soon be here when you have to turn on your furnace to stay warm. But wouldn’t it be terrible if it didn’t work and now you are stuck in the cold? Although you can quickly call a furnace repair specialist near you to fix any problem you are having, wouldn’t it be easier to just take a few simple steps to keep your system working with just a little maintenance? Here are 5 easy furnace repair and maintenance tips to keep your system running smoothly all year long.

  1. Check with your HVAC Company

Many HVAC companies have a priority service for customers who purchased a furnace system from them, and therefore provide regular furnace maintenance as part of a service agreement. So first double check with your furnace company to see if they offer a service where they can come to your home and provide furnace maintenance for you instead. Some even service plans also offer discounts on furnace repair. For example, North Winds Heating & Cooling Inc. offers a 15% discount on repairs a 24-hour emergency service with their energy savings agreement.

  1. Change Your Air Filters

Changing your furnace filters on a regular basis can keep your furnace running more smoothly. Before you begin changing your filter, make sure that you turn off the fuel supply and electrical power. A dirty filter not only causes strain on your furnace but can increase your heating costs because it has to work harder. Click here to learn more on how to change your furnace filter.

  1. Check the Thermostat

A furnace thermostat should also be running properly to ensure that your system is running efficiently. If your room temperature doesn’t feel comfortable with what the furnace temp is set at, double check and see if there is a problem with it – it could simply just need to be replaced. Find out how to install a new programmable thermostat to your furnace here.

  1. Clean the vents

By using a large brush, you can simply clean your furnace vents. Vents attract dust and debris which causes bad ventilation and can make your furnace not run as efficiently. This can also help cut down dust all throughout your home.

  1. Inspect the Fanfh021312_001_furtun_05

All fans collect dust and many other components on it. Too much dust can make your furnace stop running properly and therefore will end up in a big repair. To avoid these problems, make sure your fan is clear of dust. The safest way to do this is have a furnace maintenance professional clean it, but if you feel up to the challenge then just make sure your furnace is completely off before you start.

If you are looking for more helpful furnace repair and maintenance tips then visit the Trane website for a complete checklist, tips, and more.

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