Where to Find Reviews on Building Contractors

Since the housing market has started picking up in 2013, more Americans are purchasing fixer-upper homes for a good price and doing full-scale remodeling. Some prefer to stay put and simply choose to do repairs or to remodel. Others buy the land and build a house from scratch so they won’t have to worry about mortgage payments. When it comes to building a home or home renovation, you want to find the right building contractor for the job. You want to get what you are paying for and you need someone you can trust with your investment. Don’t just rely on word of mouth but also do your own research of building contractors online. Here are two reputable sites you can visit to help you decide.


Not all businesses are BBB-accredited because they have to first meet the BBB Code of Business Practices and comply with them. Although a BBB accreditation does not mean that they have evaluated or endorsed the company’s products or services, having the BBB certification signifies that the business is committed to serving the customers and resolving any complaints they may have. But don’t dismiss any building contractor yet if they don’t have a BBB accreditation, because this may mean that they have not sought the accreditation. To search for a BBB business review, visit this page.

Angie’s List

Hire with confidence – This is the service that Angie’s List aims to provide consumers like you. Here you can find plenty of reviews about the contractor from real people; no anonymous reviews are allowed. Listed businesses on Angie’s List also have to undergo certified data collection to avoid misinformation by posers and competitors. And most importantly, if a home repair or renovation did not go as promised, they offer a Complaint Resolution Team to intercede. Here’s a sample of a building contractor in Charleston, SC – Carolina Services, Inc. You can immediately see the services they provide under the Overview tab and member reviews.


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