Construction Industry Jobs

155604654_271132f38a_zThe last two years have been a tough time for people working in the construction industry. The outlook for new jobs in this sector is not looking too great, and the industry can’t afford to take another big hit anytime soon. Many on the Green side think that the energy efficient, sustainable or green movements will enhance the jobs in home construction. Although I am not entirely optimistic about this idea, it certainly is a possibility. Government projects will certainly help aid large scale construction projects, although the impact would not be as large in the residential housing industry. Many home builders have gone back to building the lowest price home possible.

Additionally, changes have been made in the banking industry to make it harder for people to qualify for new homes, so the lower priced homes are beginning to be the more popular home. Many builders see green as a higher cost in the short term and are not willing to look into the options. The new stimulus package is great for heavy construction (roads, bridges,water infrastructure, power infrastructure and government projects). This will be the place for new construction jobs in the immediate future, although it will be interesting to see how things play out for the green construction industry in the next decade.

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