Choosing a Pontoon Boat

pontoon boatDeciding on a boat can be a tricky business, and a stressful one as well. Many boats come onto the market each year with new and improved features, and many of them cost twice as much as the car you drive. Hopefully you are intending  on keeping your new boat for as long as you can – possibly for the remainder of your life. Understanding the different types of pontoon boats that you have to choose from on the market can help ease the pressure, so we’ve outlined the typical pontoon boats you’ll find and how they may suit your specific boating needs.

Fishing Pontoon Boats

For the casual angler, a pontoon boat is a great station for all of your fishing needs. Pontoon boats that are designed for fishing purposes typically have extra storage areas for fishing rods, tackle boxes and other fishing equipment. They also typically have a storage area for keeping your catch alive and fresh so you can stay out on the water longer. If you aim to do fishing out on large bodies of water where you’ll have to boat more than 3 miles a trip, we would recommend looking into an all-purpose fishing boat that can travel to far distances much faster, and doesn’t compromise on space quite as much.


The Ultimate party boat, house boats are designed to stay out on the water for long periods of time. Although much more expensive than a traditional pontoon boat, house boats are made to be lived on, and are great for families looking to make a trip down a river or across a large body of water. We’d recommend these only if you plan to use these on a larger body of water that doesn’t get too rough, and if you plan on staying out on them overnight.

Traditional Pontoon Boats

The most common pontoon boat that you’ll find, traditional pontoon boats scream both family and casual partier. They provide enough space to bring kids and pets on board, so they have enough space to move around and won’t get fussy or uncomfortable while out on the water. They are also like a moving living room, which is perfect for hosting parties while enjoying the open water experience with friends.

For more information about pontoon boats, visit Manitou Pontoon Boats, a pontoon boat manufacturer that makes pontoons drive like speedboats. Pontoon boats come in all shapes and sizes, and are made for a variety of purposes. Usually going with your gut and using your own boating experience is your best friend when choosing the pontoon boat of your dreams.

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