Bringing History into the Home

historical decor

As a history buff, I find it astounding to see the intellectual leaps we have made throughout our past. Each year, each decade, and each century brings with it a flurry of progress. So quickly, what was once novel becomes outdated. Fads come and go as though they never even happened. Sometimes though, we yearn for a piece of history, a reminder of what has passed. Vintage and antique items become popular and valuable. If you’re lucky enough to own a period home, you can probably feel the connection to history your home gives you. If not, you too can have a piece of history in your décor and enjoy the sweet nostalgia of times long ago. Here are my tips for giving your home a historical feel.

One of the most basic methods to giving your home an antique vibe is through selection of your color scheme. While many labor under the misconception that earlier generations led their lives in a world of muted colors, the truth is that bright colors were very popular in many historical periods. There are many tools to consult to select an appropriate and appealing paint color. Many companies offer lines and palettes of specifically designed historical color schemes. Bold colors combined with antique furniture give homes a taste of history without being mistaken for too old-fashioned.

My favorite decoration has to be maps. World maps, road maps, globes, you name it. A framed map on the wall immediately gives a room a sense of wonder and adventure. For a fun do-it-yourself project, use decoupage to create a ready-to-hang canvas map masterpiece. This tutorial allows you to do the project without even finding or buying an expensive map. An internet search will quickly yield many gorgeous antique maps, and you can find the one that fits your style. Perhaps a favorite destination or somewhere you’ve always yearned to go would be perfect to adorn your walls.

Victorian style curtains offer a bold statement that can quickly transform the feel of a room. Curtains with a valence above and sheers underneath offer an ornate and stylish addition to your décor. These gorgeous window treatments can be used to soften the light streaming into a room, immediately creating a more intimate atmosphere. For smaller rooms, Victorian style curtains in lighter shades offer the same benefits, without making the room feel stuffy.

Most of the historical touches to home décor occur indoors, but there are ways to add outdoor accents as well. For quaint outdoor decoration, one of my favorite items is the lantern. Lanterns are woven throughout history, and can easily recall thoughts of the colonial days of America. While gas lanterns are more historically accurate, electric lanterns can also offer the same historical feel and are still easy to maintain. Outdoor lanterns serve as the perfect beacon as you approach your historically decorated home.

Obviously, for those who are serious about period décor, there is much more research and many more options available to create an authentic historic home. For those who simply want to enjoy the comfortable and quaint atmosphere of a home with a historical feel though, these elements could be perfect.

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