Benefits of Renting a Cabin on a Lake

Time for some de-stressing without added distress? Kiss those high-maintenance getaways goodbye, and head for the water. Here are seven benefits of renting a cabin on a lake.

1-3. Rest, Relaxation and Recreation

Sleep in. Trade the telephone, television and technology for bonfires, biking and family meals. Fish, swim and hike. Collect leaves or rocks, or climb the rocks! Rappel cliffs, or take the zip line. Explore caves in and out63_Lake St. Deckview 1 of the lake. Grill outdoors everyday if you want. Let Jack Frost nip at your nose with a fireplace to warm you. Read uninterrupted except for the call of nature. Ask alligators outlandish questions, from a safe distance of course. Chase lizards and frogs, or catch some Zzzs. Take boat rides after dark. Brush up on your star-gazing. Run free with Fido. Observe wildlife and smell the flowers. Access to outdoor recreation and time spent communing with nature are natural de-stressors.

4. Bring Family Together

Some families rent cabins on lakes for family reunions. Running free and exploring nature are natural babysitters and entertainment while the adults do grown-up things like–run free and explore nature! Shell peas, cook together, or bring potluck, and get caught up on your lives. Tradition knits families close.

5. Quality of Life

Give someone the gift of getting away. Rent a cabin on a lake for corporate events, clients, bridal showers, or pastor retreats.

6. Rental Income

Could you have a cabin generate income until you retire? Yes, if you stick with the 14-day rule. As of tax year 2015, IRS tax code states you can rent the property for not more than 14 days, but you also have to use the house yourself the same amount of time or greater, or at least ten percent equal to the number of days you rent it. Tax laws require you to observe the 14 day rule, but they do not limit how much you charge!

7. Save Money

Prices for cabins in parks are often lower than hotels charge, plus you would have it to yourself. Active duty military service personnel and their dependents can have the daily use fee waived with a valid military photo ID.

Renting a cabin on a lake can put you in touch with family, friends, nature and self. It can take you places you dream of visiting. It gives you a place to call home while away from home.

This post is a guest contribution from Amazing Branson Rentals, offering lakefront cabin rentals in Branson, MO.

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