Bathroom Remodeling: DIY or Call a Professional?

jaymillergc4Remodeling an old bathroom sounds like a job for professionals, but homeowners can have a few reservations hiring one. The labor cost plus the materials can be overbearing and beyond the means of an average income earner.  Bathroom remodeling, however, is a serious business. If done incorrectly, the cost will double and the value of the house may also suffer. When planning the upgrade, think about the pros and cons of having a professional take over.

Hire professionals if you need experts on design, construction, and materials.

Tiles, counters, vanities, and faucets are part of their day job, and they know real quality and the best brand names out there. When you redesign your bathroom, you’d want every portion of it to last a lifetime. That’s what you can expect from a professional because they can match the designs of the bathroom for you, and they will recommend the right durable materials to complement the style you want.

Hire professionals if you’re undertaking a large project.

We are not talking about simply reinstalling a new toilet. Totally revamping the bathroom means you’ll need a permit before you start work, whether or not you are hiring a professional. Having a permit means that you have to pass inspection and meet the requirements of the building code. A major bathroom remodeling will need professionals who are familiar with the building and plumbing codes.

Now here are some cons of having contractors work on your bathroom…

Hiring professionals can be expensive.

Bathroom remodeling should give value to your home, not put you in debt. You’ll have to consider the cost of hiring a designer, builder, plumber, electrician, and tile person. You pay them for their expertise and the convenience of having someone do the work for you. If you’re comfortable doing all the work from demolition to plumbing, you can skip having to allot money for labor cost.

You have to work with their timeline.

You can’t expect the remodeling to finish within an ideal timeframe if you hire professionals. They may be working on other jobs so the schedule for each stage of the building process may take more time. You may also face the inconvenience of using the guest bathroom while the work is in progress because they will shut off the bathroom from start to finish. If you do the job yourself, you can replace or remodel a section one at a time so the rest of the room is still usable.

About the Author: Andrea writes articles on home improvement and interior design for Jay Miller General Contractors, a design and build company based in Lehigh Valley, PA.


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