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Wire Mesh Filters: How They’re Made and How They’re Used

Similar to wire mesh, wire mesh filters are easy to manufacture, are available in different styles and gauges (thickness), and have many uses in many different industries, as well as for consumer and commercial purposes. Continue reading “Wire Mesh Filters: How They’re Made and How They’re Used” »

Digging Tips for your Landscaping Project

LandscapingSpring has finally sprung, tempting gardeners to set all of their plans in action for a colorful landscaped outside living area. Everyone wants to have the nicest yard blooming with perennials and annuals. Although everyone does not have a green thumb, it does not take a rocket scientist to tailor a beautiful outside area to relax and appreciate nature. Before busting out the shovels and digging into your lawn, it is extremely important to know what lies underneath your lawn to save you thousands of dollars in damages, and to keep you and your neighbors safe.

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What To Do Before Buying a Property for your Business

When you first start out your business, there are a lot of things you need to worry about. Ownership liabilities, insurance and finances, staffing, and of course, running the business. Many new businesses that work in an industrial industry have to make a big decision of where to operate. That can be daunting, as few people can really know the true value or condition of a property without a little bit of guidance. Thanks to information from PM Environmental, Here are a few things that you may want to have conducted when searching for properties, or what will need to happen as required by a lending party.

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Fixing your Home’s Leaking Toilet

leaking toiletDealing with a leaking toilet is never a fun situation for anyone who has to deal with it. It’s often a big mess, and if you don’t know much about plumbing, you often don’t know where to start to fix the problem. While we can’t help you out with the mess, we might be able to help you identify what the problem with your toilet and how you should go about fixing your leaking toilet.

Shut the Water Off

As any plumber would do, before you perform any repairs on the toilet, you should make sure that their is no source of water going to the toilet. Many toilets will have a shutoff valve near the base of the toilet where you can do that. If it doesn’t have one, you will need to shut the water supply off to your home. Once there is no more source of water supply for your toilet, flush it a few times to empty the tank of water. You may also want to take a sponge and soak up the remaining water inside the toilet bowl.

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Helpful Hints for Buying Auto Extended Warranties

If people have purchased a vehicle from a dealer, they will likely be asked if they want to buy an extended warranty. The majority of dealers offer at least a 30-day warranty on a vehicle to provide basic repair coverage for their new purchase. However, people will be responsible for buying an extended warranty if they want to cover the cost of repairs beyond any car manufacturer’s warranty.

What is worse is that there are a lot of auto extended warranties on the market today. Because of this, people have a hard time choosing the right one that can meet their individual needs. There are several important things that people should remember when they are out looking for an extended auto warranty.

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Can You Afford this House?

houseWhen it comes to buying your first home, that question is not nearly as straightforward as you might think.

There are many so-called “golden rules” that determine how much house you can afford, and these are what your bank uses to decide whether or not to grant you a mortgage. Here are the two most prevalent rules:

1. Your monthly housing costs (mortgage principal+interest+property taxes+insurance) should not exceed 28% of your gross monthly income.

2. Your debt-to-income ratio should not exceed 36% of your gross monthly income, meaning that your monthly housing costs plus any other payments on debt you may have should equal more than 36% of your income.

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Should You Buy A Historic Home?

historic homesHistoric homes offer an element of grandeur and sophistication that many new home may seem to lack. But it’s important to consider many aspects before purchasing an old home. Though beautiful, older houses require maintenance and work to keep their elegant look.

First, it’s important to do your research on the home. Although many aren’t aware, not all old homes are created equally. Be sure to check whether the home has a historical designation. If not, getting one can be a tricky process, varying from state to state. Also make sure you know what tax credits and incentives are in place in your state for owners of historic homes. This could end up being a factor in your final purchase decision.

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Steel Buildings

Steel-Building-ManufacturersIf you have purchased a steel building recently, you should contact your steel building manufacturer or supplier to ensure that you understand all aspects relevant to the delivery of your structure. The delivery process is not as simple as you think! Your building will be delivered to your job site once the design and fabrication has been completed at the factory. Delivery is normally handled by a third-party carrier although some steel building companies will deliver using their own trucks. The building order documentation determines the delivery arrangements for your structure. Any special accommodations needed for shipping should be determined before purchase of the building, as this may affect the overall price. If you make any changes to shipping arrangements close to the scheduled shipment, it may be expensive for you.

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Construction Industry Jobs

155604654_271132f38a_zThe last two years have been a tough time for people working in the construction industry. The outlook for new jobs in this sector is not looking too great, and the industry can’t afford to take another big hit anytime soon. Many on the Green side think that the energy efficient, sustainable or green movements will enhance the jobs in home construction. Although I am not entirely optimistic about this idea, it certainly is a possibility. Government projects will certainly help aid large scale construction projects, although the impact would not be as large in the residential housing industry. Many home builders have gone back to building the lowest price home possible.

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Portable Storage Units

moving boxIf you are planning a move, or want to transport some large objects to your new home without renting or driving a truck, you might want to consider becoming a POD-person. We’re referring to the increasingly ubiquitous portable storage units being used all over the country. If you haven’t used one yet, or haven’t seen them in your neighborhood, it’s likely you might see one soon.

Last year, as part of a move from, I contacted a local company that offers portable storage units for rent. At first, I rented two 5x7x8 weatherproof boxes, so that I could remove personal items and some furniture from the house, to prepare it for sale. After the sale of the property, I rented 4 more units, in order to pack the rest of my household goods and prepare them for shipment north. These storage units were a great help in moving. In previous moves, all of the packing and transporting of stuff needed to take place in a very short period of time, usually one or two days, driven by the high cost of long-term truck rental. And apart form the time factor, better yet, I didn’t need to drive the loaded truck when it came time to transport the storage units north, instead, the storage company trucked them to their final destination for me.

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