Accessible Home Design for Wheelchairs

Most homes you see today lack in accessible design. Unless there is a current need for accessibility, there are many features that homes lack for basic accessible needs. Home builders can modify homes to include accessible features, and sometimes, this would have to be requested and reincorporated into the original blueprints if you are designing a home from start to finish.

There are many features to consider based on the disability of the person or persons. If you are in the process of building or modifying a home, or perhaps your own home, here are some key accessible features to include. These types of modifications are also useful in senior citizen homes or complexes.

Accessible Wheelchair Entrance

Easily one of the most important features is the entrance to the home. A sloped entryway is ideal for someone in a wheelchair a person who cannot easily lift their legs. These entrances can be small or large, depending on the accomodations needed.

Readjusted Countertops and Working Surfaces

For those in wheelchairs, lowered working surfaces in the kitchen will make cooking and cleaning easier. You might recognize a similar design to this created for the family on Little People Big World (The Roloff House), or on The Little Couple. These types of designs are great for wheelchair use, as well.

Modified Storage

In addition to adjusted countertops, storage is also someting to consider as an accessible feature. Usually we might think of main dishware being in the cupboards overhead, but a convenient placement of these types of dishes can be placed in a drawer below for accessibility.


Wheelchair Lift or Stair Lift

Something you might see in senior citizen homes are stair lifts. These are also convenient for people who are unable to walk, or have a wheelchair. For wheelchair users, installing a wheelchair lift instead of a stair lift will be more suitable for this case. These are also great for outdoor use on a deck, for example. These can be installed in a variety of ways to accomodate the individuals or individuals who will use it.



Pool Lift

If you have a pool or a spa, a pool lift is a great accomodation to ensure ease of access. Pool lifts are safe and manufactured to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act guidelines. Lifts are tested and proven safe for pool access. Pool lifts can be portable or stationary depending on your preference. Finding a pool lift that meets you needs it easy. Global Lift Corp is a leader in high quality ADA compliant pool lifts for homes and general public pools and spas.


Accessible Tubs and Showers

There are also ways to modify your showers and bath tubs within your home to accomodate wheelchair use. Some showers have access doors for wheelchairs to simply wheel into the shower or a stationary chair within the stand-up shower to sit. Tubs can also have the same feature but with taller walls than a traditional wall so an individual can sit in the tub to bathe.

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