5 Things Every Wine Enthusiast Needs In Their Home

Is relaxing with a glass of wine sound like the ideal way to spend a night? As a wine enthusiast, you’re accustomed to a certain kind of lifestyle. The kind where you have tried almost every affordable bottle in the wine section of your grocery store. You should have everything you need in your home for the perfect wine night. Here are seven things every wine lover must have in their home.

A Wine Cooler

A wine cooler is specially designed to keep your wine at the right temperature at all times. If you’re a true wine lover, you most likely organize your wine by date or type. This gets even easier when you have a wine cooler with multiple shelves. They come in all shapes and sizes, like the extra large EuroCave for the wine lover who breathes wine.

 A Wine Tasting Flight

Every wine lover has had their own tasting at home to show off their wine palate. Get yourself a flight with a chalkboard so you can write down the names of each wine. A tip for having a wine tasting at home is to buy multiple flight sets and group your wines by type.

An Electric Corkscrew

This addition to your kitchen is a must for any wine lover. Just push the button and the electric corkscrew automatically pulls the cork out and releases it. It’s also rechargeable. Wine nights just got a whole lot easier.

A Wine Cork Display

Now you can make those wine corks piled up on your kitchen counter into art. You can make your own DIY wine cork display by cutting a hole in the top of a shadow box and painting a quote on the glass. You can also take an outdoor lantern and fill it up with wine corks. If you’re not that creative, this monogram holder is a great way to cut down on your pile of corks.

Chilling Wine Glasses

We already know you have wine glasses if you’re a wine enthusiast, but self-chilling wine glasses are a must have for a cold glass of wine without it getting watered down. The insulated hand grips keep your fingers from getting cold while enjoying your drink that is colder for longer. They even come with built-in coasters.

About the author: Jen is a guest contributor from Wine Country Inn, a Napa boutique hotel.

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