5 Things Every Tea Lover Needs In Their Home

Tea lovers love a cozy home where they can cuddle up with their favorite cup after a long day. There are a few things that tea lovers can have in their home to reaffirm their love for their favorite drink. Here are the top things ever tea lover needs to have around the house.

Electric tea kettle

We all know the hassle of waiting for water to boil on the stovetop or the dissatisfaction of microwaved tea. With an electric tea kettle, just plug in your tea kettle and have hot water in seconds. The hot water lasts longer and you can even get larger tea kettles for tea with friends.


Teapots can come in all shapes and sizes and can even be hand painted. Teapots are essential for tea parties or if you’re alone and feeling extra fancy during your nightly tea routine. Teapots help the tea stay at its temperature for longer and are great for serving tea during meals. Newby Teas has a glass teapot where you can see the colors of your tea or the flowers if you have a flowering tea. They’re great for Instagram photos of your tea too.

Tea bag organizer

Most tea lovers have a designated drawer or shelf where all of their tea boxes go. Throw away your tea boxes and store all your tea in one place with a tea bag organizer. Tea bag organizers have separate drawers for each type of tea to make it easy to find your favorite. These organizers fit conveniently in a cupboard or in your tea station.

A quirky tea infuser

We all have those boring metal tea infusers for loose leaf teas. Tea lovers can now upgrade to unique animal shaped tea infusers that hang out on the edge of their cup. Like this mana-TEA infuser. They’re made of silicone and won’t affect the taste.

A fun tea mug

Tea lovers are bound to have countless mugs. If your mugs are boring or outdated, consider shopping for a mug that speaks to your personality. Have a favorite TV show? Quote? Love cats? There’s a mug for that!

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