5 Reasons Why Mountain Living is Better Than the City, NC

Deciding where to live can be one of the biggest decisions that a person will ever make. The argument between city living and mountain living can be an endless one. However, there are some areas where mountain living has a distinct advantage over life in the city.3f80183bb9fe0ac72a8288f528792f64

Community Engagement

Urban living often results in people being isolated, even when surrounded by thousands of people. However, mountain living often revolves around community. People build bonds in less populated areas where they frequently run into the same people at the store, on the sidewalk and at social gatherings.

Lower Crime Rate

There is less crime in rural areas than in urban ones. In fact, the low crime rate is one of the best parts of mountain living. While a person always needs to take steps to make certain that he or she is safe, those who live in rural areas are far less likely to become a victim of crime. The lower crime rate makes it easier for individuals and families to relax and enjoy life.

Lower Costs

It is less expensive to live in a mountain setting than in an urban one. From the cost of real estate to the cost of utilities, rural living is almost always more affordable than living in a city. As online shopping has become a bigger part of life, rural consumers have easy access to as many goods and services as those in urban areas. The lower costs of mountain living make it an ideal place for retirees who can make their retirement savings last longer and enjoy a better quality of life.

Healthy Activities

Obesity is one of the most common health problems in the United States. Though obesity is a complicated issue, mountain living can reduce the likelihood of obesity. In a mountain area, there are a lot of places to get exercise outdoors in a safe environment. Mountain living provides people with the access to places to walk, run, hike, bike, ski, climb or do whatever that they love to do. Mountain living also provides better access to locally grown foods than urban living.

Lower Traffic Congestion

Sitting in traffic is a fact of life for those who live in the city. However, traffic jams are a rare occurrence in rural settings. For those living the mountain life, traffic jams are largely only seen after high school football games or when wildlife blocks the road. While mountain living may mean a longer drive to the store or other conveniences, the drive is usually low stress and enjoyable, unlike driving in heavy city traffic.

About the Author: Camie is a guest contributor from Real Estate of Winter Park, a realty in Winter Park, CO.

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