5 Common Problems With Above Ground Pools

Above Ground PoolMaking the decision to put in a pool is fun and exciting. A pool can offer your family hours of enjoyment and fun. But above ground pools can come with some problems that you need to be careful to watch for.

The pool could be unlevel. You need to be very careful to make sure that your pool is going to sit level. This means taking extreme caution if you are installing the pool yourself or making sure that the company that you hire is qualified and knows what they are doing. Having an unlevel pool is not only an eyesore but places undue strain on the walls of the pool.

Wall collapse is another problem that can occur with above ground pools. It can be caused by several factors such as age, corrosion, or lack of support when the pool was installed. Be alert that this could happen and watch for the signs before this becomes a problem.

The liner needing to be replaced may be the most common problem of all with above ground pools. The average life of a liner for an above ground pool ranges from five to ten years. You will know that you need to replace your pool liner when you are leaking water from the pool. This shows that the liner more than likely has a hole in it somewhere.

A poor installation job is also a common problem with above ground pools. Do your homework before you hire a company to handle your above ground pool installation. Ask friends and family members that have a pool what their experience was with companies and how their long term results have turned out. Read up on the company you choose before you call them. Check with the Better Business Bureau to see if there have been any complaints on them. Think very, very carefully before you take on pool installation yourself.

Choosing the wrong pool to start with is another common problem. Be sure that the pool you choose is a quality pool. This is another area where it pays to do your research. Check to see what the long term reputation of the brand you are thinking of purchasing is. It is better to pay out a little more up front than to have to constantly fork out money over the coming years.

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