2017 Home Decor Trends

2017 may be your year to re-decorate your house or even just one room. With the internet and websites like Pinterest, you get to see what the latest trends in home decor are right away. Be prepared to splurge at your local home decor store after you read this.

Wood Accents

Wood paneling has been a hot trend for a few months now. This doesn’t mean just wood countertops. This means faux wood beams on ceilings, shelving, accent walls and table accessories.


Wallpaper is back, this time in marble. Marble has become a trend that helps give your home an elegant look. You could try out this trend by adding a marble side table or even a small paperweight.

Beige and neutral colors

Something about an all white room makes you feel at ease. Gray, black, light brown and beige are the neutral colors forecasted to be on trend for 2017. Make your warm, neutral colored room feel extra cozy with ambient lighting and cozy blankets. If you think a neutral room is boring, add touches of soft colors like lavender or light green.


Pantone’s color of the year has hit stores and social media. You’ll be noticing a lot of green accent walls, sofas, and accessories. It’s all about being bold with your accent colors this year. Try switching up greens by adding green botanical prints, green plants, or accent pillows.

Bathroom vanities

A personal vanity for your bathroom is a must for 2017. You can make your own by re-purposing an old set of drawers and placing a lighted mirror on top. Vanities are functional and make you feel like a movie star every time you get ready.

Creative lighting

Pendant lights in bathrooms, bedrooms, and kitchens make your home feel trendy. Try hanging naked bulbs or geometric shaped lighting to give your lighting a modern twist. Mixed metals, like brass and silver, are also making a comeback in lighting.

Black and White Kitchens

This classic, clean look is taking over kitchen design this year. When paired with hardwood floors, this combination will make your home feel modern with a rustic twist. A black and white kitchen is also versatile enough to switch up once new trends pop up.

Keep these trends in mind when you’re looking to buy new decor or remodel a room this year. These new trends for traditional decor will have your house guests loving your home’s new look.

About the Author: Ali is a guest contributor from Coldwell Banker – Valley Brokers, a real estate company serving home buyers and sellers in the Mid-Willamette Valley of Oregon. 

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