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Keeping Your Hardwood Floors Clean This Summer

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Summertime is usually filled with a ton of activity and most bring home a lot of great memories. However, you may also be bringing back a lot of things in your home that you don’t want, including sand, dirt, and other things that could cause harm to your flooring. If you are worried about your hardwood floors, consider the following tips to help you keep them clean this summer: Continue reading “Keeping Your Hardwood Floors Clean This Summer” »

Ideas to Make Your Tiny Living Space More Spacious

studio-spacesJust like everything else in life, renting or buying apartments or homes is an upward process—it takes time to get to that starter home, and then to get to that large mansion you’ve always dreamed of. In college or right out of school, many people look for small starters—small living spaces, like studios or 1-bedroom apartments just for themselves or them and their significant other. If you’re living in a small living space, particularly without any bedrooms, organizing, arranging, and remodeling the tiny space is not an easy feat. We’ve gathered some ideas that should help make your tiny living space feel a little roomier. Continue reading “Ideas to Make Your Tiny Living Space More Spacious” »