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Is Quartz Better Than Granite for Kitchen Countertops?

The two most popular kitchen countertops in the home improvement industry today are quartz and granite. Both beautiful and classy, it’s no wonder that homeowners have a hard time choosing between these two materials. Let’s list down the pros and cons of each one, and hopefully it could help you figure out what to install.marble countertop Continue reading “Is Quartz Better Than Granite for Kitchen Countertops?” »

Diagnosing A Steering Rack Leak

Ever drive a car without power steering? It’s no treat. If you haven’t driven an older car without power steering there’s no reason to go out and seek that punishment. Appreciate your power steering, it makes your life immeasurably easier. Unfortunately, making your turn of the steering wheel as easy as it now is requires a bit of innovation that also opens you up to potential troubles, namely steering rack leaks. Continue reading “Diagnosing A Steering Rack Leak” »

Creating the Perfect Log Cabin Style Home

LOG CABINWAre you seeking the perfect and charming log cabin style home? Have you saved up to find the perfect place to relax and spend your days reveling in the smells of pine and hardwood? But how can you get from the unknown to dream log cabin style home? Follow these steps to help create the perfect log cabin style home. Continue reading “Creating the Perfect Log Cabin Style Home” »