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Don’t Get Duped When Buying a Home

When purchasing a home for the first time, it can be too easy to let emotions get in the way of your better judgment. Once you’ve fallen in love with a house, it can be hard to think practically and objectively about the purchase process. Unfortunately, real estate transactions involve multiple parties with competing interests, and when you lose your head you can lose a lot of money too. If you go into the process with a level-headed knowledge of what needs to be done, you won’t get duped in the real estate jungle.

  1. Go for a mortgage pre-approval rather than merely a pre-qualification to signal that you are financially ready to purchase. This gives you much more purchase power when it comes to negotiations and it gives you a much better idea of your own financial ability and limitations.
  2. Look beyond the decor of a home to its core structure. A good real estate agent will have doused the home in a fresh coat of beige paint so that it is automatically pleasing to the eye, but it is far more important to make sure that the house is solidly built and in good shape.
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