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Upgrade Your Bathroom by Adding a Steam Shower

steam showerApart from drinking, and its daily uses, water is also used for our relaxation. After a stressful day or before the day even begins, the foremost thing that you probably desire is a hot bath or shower. Showers allow for complete relaxation of the body as well as mind. In addition to stress relief, there are many other benefits of steam showers.

With the growth of technology, steam showers have become common among lots of people. While steam showers have been common in different luxurious hotels and resorts, these days, you can find them inside residential homes. Through steam showers, homeowners can experience spa treatment without having to set foot outside their front door. Steam showers enhance energy levels and soothe the senses.

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Old Couch From An Old Cottage

The couch below used to be my grandmother’s at her old northern cottage covered in half log siding from Town & Country. It was around when my dad was little so it’s over 50 years old. It’s a real couch with real lumber and real stuffing. The kind my Grandma had encased in plastic for as long as I can remember, in fact, you could never sit on the couch and wear shorts with out ripping off half a thigh off when you stood up and heaven help you if you fell asleep with YOUR FACE on it.

English: my couch

5 years ago when we had to move her into a nursing home, it went into storage. I think time finally caught up it (it was stored in some one’s home in a decent environment). We picked it up to move into the “computer lounging space”. I had it all planned out. It was a really cool couch in great shape and my taste. Great fabric, a one of a kind piece. FREE. I got it home and was ready to go. The space would be perfect.


The fates of home decorating obviously had other plans. When I tried to clean it, not only did the upholstery start to tear horribly, but, well…

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