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Cold Finished Steel – How it Works

SteelCold drawn steel bars like theses are normally available in a variety of shapes such as flat, square, hexagonal, round, as well as special company defined shapes. These bars are fundamentally carbon and alloy steel bar products. An alloy is primarily a uniform mixture of two or more metals combined and are mostly manufactured by melting their constituent metals. Their properties are also dissimilar from their parent metals and are generally known to have greater strength and durability. You might also be wondering why we refer to the process as a ‘cold’ finished. Well, the process mainly aims at making the rods or bars of a well proportioned and steady thickness as well as diameter. So how and why do steel companies and manufacturers go about this process? These cold-finished steel bars are fashioned by cold finishing preceding hot-wrought bars which may be by a series of process that can either be put into operation in combination or be executed alone. The processes involve cold drawing, cold forming, grinding, or polishing. The big idea behind following these steps is to obtain such a yield of steel bars that have greater tensile strength and can be drawn either into straight length bars or coils – each being perfectly uniformed.

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